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Monday, April 10
(Rudder Tower Rm. 701)
8:30 AM Robert Gates
President, Texas A&M University
Welcoming remarks
Session Chair: David Toback
9:00 AM Samuel Ting, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"The AMS Experiment in Space" (ppt,pdf)
9:35 AM Daniel Green, Fermilab
"LHC Introduction, general experimental considerations, and model-independent searches for SUSY" (ppt,pdf)
10:10 AM David Cline, University of California at Los Angeles
"The Dark Universe/The Search for Dark Matter: Indirect and Direct Methods"
10:45 AM Break
Session Chair: Robert Webb
11:15 AM John Gunion, University of California at Davis
"New Developments in the nMSSM and Implications for Cosmology" (pdf)
11:50 AM Vernon Barger, University of Wisconsin
"Neutrino physics and its implications for cosmology"
12:25 PM Lunch
Session Chair: Richard Arnowitt
2:00 PM Steven Weinberg, University of Texas at Austin
"Quantum Contributions to Cosmological Correlations"
2:35 PM Gordon Kane, University of Michigan
"Overviews of Searching for Supersymmetry at Colliders, and of Dark Matter Issues"
3:10 PM Break
Session Chair: Bhaskar Dutta
3:45 PM Marco Battaglia, University of California at Berkeley
"Focused collider experiments for dark matter including ILC" (ppt,pdf)
4:15 PM Keith Olive, University of Minnesota
"The theory behind how experiments should focus on dark matter searches and cosmology in HEE, not just colliders" (pdf)
5:30 PM Reception in Wayne Stark Galleries, adjacent to Rudder Tower
Session Chair: Peter McIntyre
7:30 PM Rudder Theatre:
Michael Turner, University of Chicago [public talk]
"Before and After the Big Bang: What we know and are trying to find out about how the Universe began"
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Tuesday, April 11
(Rudder Tower Rm. 701)
Session Chair: Teruki Kamon
9:00 AM Melvyn Shochet, University of Chicago
"Current and Future Searches for Extra Dimensions at Colliders"
9:35 AM Dimitri Nanopoulos, Texas A&M University
"The String Coupling Accelerates the Expansion of the Universe"
10:10 AM Eiichiro Komatsu, University of Texas at Austin
"Three Year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe Observations" (ppt,pdf)
10:45 AM Break
11:15 AM Michael Turner, University of Chicago
"Coming home" (ppt,pdf )
11:50 AM George Efstathiou, Cambridge University
12:25 PM Young-Kee Kim, University of Chicago
"SUSY at the Tevatron: overview of methods, past results, present activities, and future sensitivity"
1:00 PM Lunch
Session Chair: J. Craig Wheeler
2:00 PM Alex Szalay, Johns Hopkins University
2:35 PM Brad Schaefer, Louisiana State University
"The Gamma Ray Burst Hubble Diagram to z=6.6" (ppt,pdf )
3:10 PM Gary Hill, University of Texas at Austin
"Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment"
3:45 PM Break
4:15 PM Lisa Randall, Harvard University
4:50 PM Karl Gebhardt, University of Texas at Austin
"Black Holes of All Masses: Understanding the Fundamental Correlations" (ppt,pdf)
5:25 PM Lam Hui, Columbia University
"Correlated Fluctuations in Luminosity Distance - the Importance of Peculiar Velocity in Supernova Surveys"
6:00 PM Ilian Iliev, University of Toronto
"Simulating Reionization: Progress and Observability"
Session Chair: Edward Fry
7:30 PM Rudder Theatre:
Lisa Randall, Harvard University [public talk]
"Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe’s Hidden Dimensions"
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Wednesday, April 12
(Rudder Tower Rm. 501)
Session Chair: David Lambert
9:00 AM Adam Burrows, University of Arizona
"A New Mechanism for Core-Collapse Supernova Explosions"
9:35 AM Lifan Wang, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
10:10 AM
Douglas Richstone, University of Michigan
"Quasars and Black Holes: The Inverse Dinosaur Problem" (ppt,pdf )
10:45 AM Break
11:15 AM Wendy Freedman, Carnegie Observatories
"The Giant Magellan Telescope Project" (pdf)
11:50 AM Jonathan Feng, University of California at Irvine
"Recent Progress in Supersymmetric Dark Matter" (pdf)
12:25 PM Patrick McCarthy, Carnegie Observatories
"Mass Down-Sizing and Early Galaxy Formation" (ppt,pdf )
1:00 PM Lunch
Session Chair: Nicholas Suntzeff
2:00 PM Charles Townes, University of California at Berkeley
"Infrared Interferometry on Old Stars, and Their Behavior"
2:35 PM Tereasa Brainerd, Boston University
"New Constraints on Dark Matter Halos from Satellite Galaxies"
3:10 PM John Bally, University of Colorado
"Recent Developments in Stellar and Planetary System Formation" (ppt,pdf )
3:45 PM Break
4:15 PM Paul Shapiro, University of Texas at Austin
"Cosmological Reionization and the End of the Dark Ages" (ppt,pdf )
4:50 PM

Tom Abel, Stanford University
"First Structure Formation" (pdf)

Session Chair: Christopher Pope
5:30 PM Rudder Tower Room 301:
George Efstathiou, Cambridge University [public talk]
"The Fate of the Universe"
7:30 PM Banquet at Messina Hof Winery

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Thursday, April 13
(Rudder Tower Rm. 501)
Session Chair: Wendy Freedman
9:00 AM Alex Filippenko, University of California at Berkeley
"The Lick Observatory Supernova Search" (ppt )
9:35 AM J. Craig Wheeler, University of Texas at Austin
"Rotation and Magnetic Fields in Core Collapse" (ppt,pdf )
10:10 AM Fulvio Melia, University of Arizona
"The Supermassive Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy" (ppt,pdf )
10:45 AM Break
11:15 AM Rocky Kolb, University of Chicago
"On Cosmic Acceleration without Dark Energy" (ppt,pdf )
11:50 AM Lunch
  Session Chair: Robert Tribble
1:25 PM

Roger Angel, University of Arizona
"Physics and the Feasibility of a Space-based Sunshield Against Global Warming"

2:00 PM George Fuller, University of California at San Diego
"Neutrino Flavor Transformation: Stellar Collapse, Nucleosynthesis and Cosmology"
2:35 PM Taka Kajino, University of Tokyo
"Explosive nucleosynthesis in the Big-Bang and Supernovae: New determination method of nu-oscillation parameters and mass hierarchy" (ppt,pdf )
3:10 PM Tony Mezzacappa, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
"Ascertaining the Core Collapse Supernova Mechanism: Requirements, the State of the Art, and Recent Surprises" (ppt,pdf )
3:45 PM Break
4:15 PM Brad Meyer, Clemson University
"Evidence for Explosive Nucleosynthesis in the Helium Shell in Massive Stars from Cosmochemical Samples" (ppt,pdf )
4:50 PM Michael Wiescher, Notre Dame University
"Neutron Sources in Stellar Helium and Carbon Burning"
5:25 PM Michael Smith, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
"Using Radioactive Beams to Probe Nuclear Reactions in Supernovae" (pdf)
6:00 PM Sarah Higdon, Cornell University
"Tidal Dwarf Galaxies"
6:35 PM Fritz Benedict, University of Texas at Austin
"Hubble Space Telescope Astrometry - Turning Stellar Companions into Extrasolar Planets"
Session Chair: George Kattawar
7:30 PM Rudder Tower Room 301:
Gregory Laughlin, University of California at Santa Cruz [public talk]
"Extrasolar planets" (pdf)
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Friday, April 14
(Rudder Tower Rm. 501)
Session Chair: Carl Gagliardi
9:00 AM Sam Austin, Michigan State University
"The Properties of Supernova Stars and their Collapsing Cores: What Nuclear Physics Has to Say"(ppt,pdf )
9:35 AM Peter Parker, Yale University
"Al-26 Production in our Galaxy" (ppt,pdf )
10:10 AM Ernst Rehm, Argonne National Laboratory
"Studies of Alpha-Induced Stellar Reactions with and without using Helium" (ppt,pdf )
10:45 AM Break
11:15 AM Gregory Laughlin, University of California at Santa Cruz
"Extrasolar planets" (pdf)
11:50 AM Karen Meech, University of Hawaii
"Ice Physics and Astrobiology - Insights from Comets to the Kuiper Belt" (pdf)
12:35 PM Lunch
Session Chair: Saskia Mioduszewski
2:00 PM Lawrence Krauss, Case Western Reserve University
"Cosmology, Information Processing and Civilization"
2:35 PM Don Winget, University of Texas at Austin
"Extreme Physics and Extrasolar Planets"
3:10 PM

Ted von Hippel, University of Texas at Austin
"White Dwarfs, Debris Disks, and the Fate of Planetary Systems"

3:45 PM Break
Session Chair: Ralf Rapp
4:15 PM Eric Schlegel, University of Texas at San Antonio
"The X-Ray Emission of Supernovae"
4:50 PM Peter Hoeflich, University of Texas at Austin
"Physics of Thermonuclear Explosions & Cosmology"
5:25 PM James Higdon, Cornell University
"Unveiling 'Invisible' Galaxies With The Spitzer Space Telescope"
6:00 PM Hans Schuessler, Texas A&M University
"Precision Spectroscopy and the Limits on the Drift of Fundamental Constants"
Session Chair: Mark Lemmon
7:30 PM Rudder Tower Room 301:
Karen Meech, University of Hawaii [public talk]
"Deep Impact: Secrets of the Comet"
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Saturday, April 15
9:30 AM - 3:00 PM Rudder Exhibit Hall:
Physics Festival with Exhibits and Demonstrations
3:00 PM

Rudder Theatre:
Lawrence Krauss, Case Western Reserve University
[public talk]
"The Physics of Star Trek"

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